Custom made awards that will take your breath way!

Designed with your brand and vision in mind, together we'll wow you with a refreshing award that is so different from the rest that your appreciation will not be forgotten. Just follow the easy steps below and you're well on your way to getting an amazing unique award in your hands. 

  • Study our ABC"s. Each level differs in dimensions and material
  • Choose a letter. If your style is a D and budget is at a B, no worries, we can make adjustments.
  • Gather some info. The most important part is the info. We'd like to know everything about the award. What's it for, who's getting it and why their getting it? 
  • Find your logo. We need your logo in vector format, without it we can't do our magic. The type of files we work with are ai, cdr, and eps. These files allow us to resize print and cut your brand into a works of art. 
  • Share with us. If you have a website or any useful info, do share. We'll do our research to make sure we get it right. Once you have all of the information above email us!