All logos must be submitted in vector format.  This allows us to make necessary adjustments to ensure the quality of the engraving.  In short,  engraving machines can not read pixels and require the highest resolution possible.   

Engraving Policy

Bravado Awards is happy to offer sandblasting service to our customers. Sandblasting provides a clean, classic-looking engraving with more depth and visual interest than other engraving methods. Sandblasting also allows us to etch on rounded surfaces.


Document Requirements:

  • Adobe Illustrator or Corel (cdr) compatible files only: ai, eps, or pdf.
  • png or jpg files cannot be accepted.

Art & Logo Requirements:

  • Vector format, black & white line art only.
  • Color, grayscale, gradients, fine halftone, shadows or fuzziness cannot be accepted.
  • Include all art in one file if possible. Please avoid sending each artwork as an individual document.
  • All lines must have a thickness of at least 1pt. Lines smaller than 1pt may not etch consistently.
  • Small shapes, or openings in shapes or letters must be at least 4px wide.

Text Requirements:

  • All personalization should be sent as live text (as an email, MS Word, or MS Excel file; never as handwritten documents or photos), so that we can copy and paste with ease and minimize the risk of misspellings.
  • If you are providing camera ready artwork, all text must be outlined.

Font Requirements & Tips:


  • Font size varies depending on the choice of font. Please contact our customer service team for specific fonts and sizes. Generally, we do not recommend using fonts smaller than 10pt.


  • Semi bold, open, sans serif fonts work best for sandblasting. Fonts that are too thin may not etch at all. Bold fonts with small openings in letters may blow out.
  • Many script fonts are not engravable, even at larger sizes.
  • When your artwork has been received, we will determine if it can be used. If a font or artwork element is not engravable, we will notify you.

We recommend avoiding curly, broken, or eroded fonts, fonts that have small openings by default, or fonts with inconsistent thickness, as they may not etch clearly or evenly. Small markings like registration marks or trademarks are not likely to etch clearly. If you cannot omit them entirely, we recommend that you enlarge them. Please contact Bravado Awards for more information about artwork requirements.

If Bravado Awards creates or alters artwork for you, we will provide a proof before etching. Once you submit final authorization on a proof, Bravado Awards is not liable for any misspellings or other errors.

While the process does produce beautiful results, it is a largely handcrafted process, which leaves room for slight variation. While we do our absolute best to produce perfect engraving, we cannot guarantee 100% consistency. Replacements will be issued at Bravado Awards discretion and are not guaranteed. We require you to submit a photo or return pieces in question before or after issuing a replacement.


Don't have the above files?

Don't sweat it, our crafty graphics designers will take most file types and work their magic at a additional fee of $40.  From then on it is yours to keep. 

Text Arrangements 

If there is a specific type face (font) you would like us to use make sure all text is turned into flat artwork. This allows them to be transferred without jeopardizing or substitutions desired outcome. 

If none of this makes any sense, stay at ease and let us take care of it.